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Image by Justin Luebke

Grief Recovery session

In-person only. Grief is inevitable and manifests in multiple ways. This is a multi session, action-based approach, to help you process, find, and navigate new life rhythms. Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialists.

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Session in Progress

Trauma Healing session

This is a Paragraph. Online or In-person. This is a multi session, biblically-based approach for addressing trauma. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. Trauma Healing, Certified.

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Enjoying Nature

Nurtured by Nature session

In person/Outside.* This session combines nature, grounding, wonder, and other spiritual practices, for soul and self care. Experiences are personalized to meet your needs. *Sessions adjusted based on weather.


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Image by Joel Muniz

Retreats | Trainings

Online or In-person. Customized, interactive women's retreats and workshops. Hope, healing, and restoration in a group setting, with a focus on hospitality *Cross-cultural debriefs available.

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